membershipOur exclusive membership levels offer 24 hour concierge service, WYBG MEMBERSHIP is your passport to the customized and tailored solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Looking to expand your business enterprise, thinking of relocating you and your family?  Our global presence makes us your best friend in every city, providing you with assistance and local insider information when you’re outside of your comfort zone.

Looking for unique business prospects? Network on a global scale with private Members’ events held in every major destination worldwide.

What’s more, a WYBG Membership provides you with unlimited access to an unrivaled package of exclusive privileges and exceptional service by our professional staff and partners.

Whether it’s for business or personal, our Executive and Presidential tiers of Membership are designed so that everything is catered to your preferred level of assistance, tailoring our service to your personal requirements.

We have an unparalleled network of contacts allowing us to source the most elusive of items, no matter how impossible the task might seem.

We offer three levels of Membership, recommended based on your specific needs and preferred level of personalized service. At any level, you will receive exclusive WYBG benefits including invitations to Member events, Educational and Conference event schedules, and Employment and Investment Immigration offerings.  Members at any level can utilize our specialist teams to obtain personal recommendations and information on Regions and Nations with which we have an established relationship.


Our entry level Membership for those who are interested in one particular service specialized for the member.


A must have for the discerning client requiring several of our agencies or services. The Executive member enjoys a level of prestige afforded by our skilled staff that customize service packages and work one on one with the member to ensure complete satisfaction.


Our most personalized, proactive & exclusive level of Membership; the Presidential. The Presidential member will join the exclusive Chairman’s club at each WYBG event. This inner circle promotes business networking among our exclusive member group and global partners. This membership level is by invitation only.